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Back Then and Now

This practice DVD takes us back in time when life was different for women. It covers vocabulary about clothing, types of work they did, personal hygiene, etc.


Bedtime Story

Not the usual story read at bedtime, but an unusual story pertaining to looking for something that might be in your bedroom before you go to sleep. Oh my, what could that mean!


Deafness in the Family?

Learn the signs for family members(niece, husband, granddaughter), school personnel (secretary, tutor, principal, audiologist), various legislators(judge, governor, president), members in a wedding party(bride, bridegroom) PRICE SPECIAL EXP 4/30/17


Education and English

This practice DVD begins with, "I believe education is critical in today's world. In fact, I think you have to go to school if you want to succeed. PRICE SPECIAL EXPIRES 4/30/17


Life in an E.R.

We hope you don't end up in the emergency room, but these vocabulary words are a must for anything pertaining to the medical field, i.e. allergy, contagious, diarrhea, nausea, pill, rash, fever, or x-ray.


Picnic Time

You will be amazed at what it took to organize a picnic! Did everything go smoothly? Not only do you learn signs for foods in an entertaining way, but you learn more than just food signs, such as beg, dissolve, etc.



Do you remember when you were a kid and the wild magical times you had wishing you were different animals and spirits? This story takes you through those playacting times.



Vocabulary you will need to be able to discuss things pertaining to sports from the Olympics to Parades. Story covers teams practice for tournaments, sailing, baseball, tennis, soccer, wrestling, badminton, and even jacks.


The Girl and the Grand Ball

Did you hear about the bashful blonde girl who wore a tight red dress to the annual ball with that sharp rich man? You will need to find out what happened in the rest of the story where additional adjectives are used. PRICE SPECIAL EXPIRES 4/30/17


The Rabbit and the Beaver

This DVD contains a clever story showing the use of verbs in a conversation between a Rabbit and the Beaver, such as "converse, exaggerate, illustrate, appoint", etc. PRICE SPECIAL EXPIRES 4/30/17


Thirst for Travel

The beginning of this story starts "Have you ever corresponded with someone in a foreign country? It's a great way to learn about the world." Vocabulary word for country and State names, (Russia, Spain, AZ, CA). PRICE SPECIAL EXP 4/30/17


Thinking About Religion

There are vocabulary words plus other associated words in this story such as (Bethlehem, cemetery, conscience, duty, glory, hymn, soul, Virgin) that are demonstrated by Esther Zawolkow. PRICE SPECIAL EXPIRES 4/30/17


Rather Strange Stories (14 DVD complete set)

A (14 DVD) complete set of our Intermediate practice DVD's These Rather Strange Stories were created to provide practice in word groups at the intermediate level in Signing Exact English. PRICE SPECIAL EXPIRES 4/30/17


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